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Yahoo Deletes 75,000 Articles! Then “Voices” Out.

Yahoo Voices: A Move to Battle Panda

Associated Content, a division of Yahoo that does online publishing and has catered many Internet marketers and business owners for years, is now receiving some content cleansing from Yahoo itself by having some of its articles permanently removed and deleted. It is also moving the keeper to Yahoo’s domain and giving it a new name, a new publishing platform called Yahoo Voices.

A Clear Action against Google Panda?
It was early 2005 when Luke Beatty founded Associated Content. It became an instant favorite of many authors and online writers at that time. Through this, the instant hit attracted tons of investors, became popular, and reached its peak. Then Yahoo acquired it for an astonishing $100 million, but the acquisition ended up a bit disappointing when Google released its Panda update in February of 2011, causing a massive decline in traffic that directly affected the entire Associated Content’s site.

The deletion of contents and the shutting down of Associated Content are clearly moves to battle Panda, considering the fact that Yahoo’s domain is very strong and reliable. Add to this the fact that they will be stricter in submission guidelines (with clear emphasis on its uniqueness and originality, a complete deletion of 75, 000 pieces of content out of more than 2 million, which is roughly 4% of the total number of content in the site, and asking contributors to flag content for deletion, a thing that is very Wikipedia-esque and interactive). Yahoo is also planning to launch an interactive program for contributors, which includes an online training course, as an effort to create engaging content, which is directly stated in their blog post. It reads:

“In the first quarter of 2012, we’re taking our commitment to quality a step further with the kick-off of the Yahoo! Contributor Academy – an interactive learning program that will build on the Yahoo! Style Guide and provide contributors with comprehensive tools for translating their knowledge into useful, engaging online content.”

Some Aren’t Sure About Voices’ Success
Some people think that the success of Yahoo! Voices is because most people are sharing their opinions and ideas directly on social media networks, especially Facebook and Twitter, where people hang out the most. Free blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogspot, and Tumblr are more of an option to younger writers because they are more accessible and manageable. Moreover, Internet marketers, business owners, and online trade owners are not into publishing content online because of Google Panda.

However, by concept, Yahoo’s effort to put all the popular online tools on this program is highly remarkable. Yahoo copied the online feel of existing social media sites today, the community feel of Wikipedia, and the administrative rights of blog owners on free blogging platforms.

Let’s just hope that Yahoo’s Voices will be heard loud and clear.



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