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WWLPD: What Would LinkedIn Profile Do?

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Why LinkedIn Means Business?
Most people think that putting their business profiles on Facebook and Google+ is the best way to advertise their trades on the Web. Why not? These two social networking sites have the capacity to reach audiences of different kinds. Their Fan Pages and business features can give their businesses either mass appeal or class, by just promoting it to the right network and group. Users can also add up some heartfelt and funny images to stir their consumer’s emotions, thus making them ‘humans’ or ‘operated by real’ people other business cannot achieve on different platforms. However, these useful features can be a way of distraction if not properly used and utilized. That is why we can say that the aforesaid sites aren’t really the best in their world, that is, if we are going to talk about ‘real business’.

If you don’t want your clients and customer to be distracted with ‘not-so-businessy’ stuff such as nonsense pictures tagged by unknown people, comments that have nothing to with your trade or replies that may hurt your online reputation, perhaps, or surely, putting all your serious, professional profile in LinkedIn is the best thing to do.

LinkedIn, some facts about it
First off, let’s clear the talk first. LinkedIn isn’t’ dead yet. Yes, it experienced some decline in traffic and usage, and its popularity these days isn’t as it was before, but it never died. It is just that more and more people are flocking into more famous social networking sites like Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook thinking this is the absolute answer to their business problems. True, there are lots of articles written about it—hundreds and uncountable actually. But if you will just take time to Google these articles’ writers, you’ll find out that they are still actively using their LinkedIn profiles. Ironic, right?
So it’s now clear. LinkedIn is still alive, and lots of people are still using it.

Enhancing your Business Profile in LinkedIn

Consider your headline your ‘headline’
So the word itself says it all. The headline should be and is the front man in your profile. In writing your headline, just remember to be simple. Your clients don’t care about your favourite pets, who among The Avengers inspire you as a businessman, or if you’re a Pacquiao fan and not a Mayweather one even though you’re 300% American—in other words, no crappy Facebookish words. Just be simple and straight to the point; tell them who you are, what you can do to help them. PERIOD.

A professional photo is not a Facebook personal photo
If you want to be taken seriously by your clients, avoid treating your LinkedIn photo like a Facebook one. Refrain from corny borders and cheesy editing. Be minimalist with the treatment of your photo—be professional and businesslike. However, having a photo as serious as Abraham Lincolns’ on White House is not fine as well, for being overly serious can be comical too.

Affiliations and experience is a plus, but irrelevant networks is obviously not
Adding experiences and affiliations outside your business (or have nothing to do about your current trade) is fine as long as it don’t swerve on your present dealings. If it is a good social or community thing or endeavor, it can somehow attract customers and clients. Yet, it has limitations. Mentioning about your Harry Potter Club membership and Please, Let’s Pretend Megan Fox Can Act Too Ultimate Fan club presidency will not help your business at all—well, unless your business has something to do with Hollywood.

Put your heart in it, but don’t be like Tom Cruise
In Hollywood, to do it like Brad Pitt is okay, but to act it as Tom Cruise is not. Same with LinkedIn, writing your business story or company overview can be serious and heartfelt, but topping it enigmatic and overly dramatic words can put your viewers into endless sleeping. Just be personal, use words that will let your audience know who you really are.

Being technical isn’t a crime
Checking your spelling, punctuations, and other technical writing stuff is not a crime. Actually, it’s one way of making it through your clients’ meticulous and sophisticated eyes.

Consider your profile as a “chance of lifetime” deal
I’ve seen lots of beautifully written LinkedIn profiles that just left me hanging. If you don’t want to put your profile into the rubbish bin, consider it as a chance of a lifetime. Don’t forget to put your detail on your summary; detail means active email ads, running website and well-attended phone line.

Social Proof is reputation
Including your Education, Awards, Recommendations, and Certificates is not always ‘bragging’. Sometimes, these things can help you gain respect, trust, trust and attention from people who have not heard much of you or from those who are totally clueless about you. Just put it the right way and not the bragging way.

Remember the Basic LinkedIn SEO
Always remember to put keywords throughout the important sections of your profile. Don’t copy other companies profile content (yes, there are some who do this funny and annoying thing), and make sure keywords aren’t just put aimlessly but strategically.



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