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Why Using Multiple Web Analytics Is a Must

In any business, having a team to conduct a thorough and strategic analysis to solve problems and track competitors as well as customers is a must. Without it, we can say that our business is shaky and weak, and the idea to succeed is nothing but impossible. The absence of customer knowledge, competitor data, operational research, business statistics, and overall industry information is the absence of key to achieving niche dominance as well.

That’s why most successful corporations that exist today has at least 2-5 analytics team. Some outsource it to reliable analytics company; some build their in-house panel; some hires individual experts; some do it all. The main purpose of having this is to have internal and external knowledge of your business; meaning, a comprehensive knowledge of what is happening inside and outside your marketing strategy.

Analytics in online businesses

Why does using multiple web analytics necessary?

To most online business owners, having only Google Analytics is enough. To them, its extensive service is enough to understand what is happening in their businesses. However, to some, especially to serious SEO resellers and practitioners, having only one is unsafe, for Google Analytics has limitations too, whereas other services have something in them that is absent in Google’s services.

Because having more than one is like having the best of both analytics worlds

True. It’s like having Floyd Mayweather’s defensive acumen, Ricardo Mayorga’s wild punches, Jorge Arce’s heart, and Gerry Peñalosa’s technicality inside the boxing ring in one fight night —or in other words, it’s like having Manny Pacquiao’s skills in one hand.

Indeed, there are some capabilities that exist in Google Analytics that is absent on some of its competitors. For example, Visistat doesn’t have a multi-language support while Google and other Web analytic softwares like Coremetrics and Omniture have it. Another one is HitsLink incapability to show traffic history while almost most of its competitors can give it to their customers in details and in labels.

If you want to avail all the features that can be beneficial to your business, then don’t just stick to Google’s product.

Because it is for safety should a problem/change happens

No software is perfect.. And just like any other technological invention, it can change too. It’s owners may update it whenever they like even if it will hinder its customers daily analytics method. And yes, having a back-up analytic software is being safe in case things like improvements, system downs, system changes and upgrades happen.

Other Analytics Software outside Google Analytics

Well, if you are now convinced that having back up or multiple Web Analytics to empower your marketing strategies, then you start scouring the Web for one that might suit your palates. But before you do that, below are some analytic softwares I personally trust:

Yahoo Web Analytics

If Google has it, expect Yahoo to have it as well. Well, that is the truth. If you want insights into demographics and category interest of your website visitors, then this one is for you. It has dominant and user-friendly navigation, and segmentation and campaign management tools that make it faster for web designers and online marketers to learn about their audience.

Web Trends

If you want to gain competitive advantage through measurement and mobile, social and Web optimization, this one is for you. It also has gain support and help community, a feature that allows you to solve any software problem in no time.


Adobe’s very own analytic software offers extensive insights into organic and paid search (through SearchCenter+4), real time report calculation directly from your mobile phone (through Test&Target for Mobile), video measurement (through SITE CATAYLYST), and other social media solutions. Also, knowing that is from a software giant, security and safety is assured here.


Visistat, as they say, is the simplified way of doing research and analysis through their simplified measurement and discovery. Through its simplified navigation and website aesthetics, one doesn’t have to be an analytic veteran to understand how their software works.


From the clever brains of people from IBM, and it provides a broad and ample understanding to engage buyes on high relevant interactive dialogues across digital, social, and traditional marketing channels.


Also from IBM, it is created to track long-term conversion lifecycles, including repeat visitors and interactions. This one is more user-friendly than their other product, Unica.



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