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Why Check My Links Chrome Extension Is the Greatest Link Building Browser Extension Today

Playing Favorites: Google’s Check My Links

During the Jurassic days of SEO (okay, that’s just several years ago) checking and segregating the quality links from the broken ones is a daunting and time-consuming task, especially if you’re going to check not just two-digit amounts of links. Yet years passed, several backlink checkers have sprung left and right, some created by big-time tech and Internet companies and some are not, and SEO practitioners’ suffering from this daunting link checking task has finally ended.

However, with the ubiquity of almost uncountable link checkers on the market, my favorite is Google’s very own Check My Links. And I have several reasons why.

> Check my Links is irrefutably fast and speedy
Crossing out the idea of Internet speed, I can say that Check my Links is incredibly fast. 6 to 12 second s is enough to a certain page. Checking multiple pages simultaneously (up to 50 pages at a time) without experiencing lag or any problem is believably achievable. It also has the capability to find links that are quickest to change, working with long links with longer loading time last.

If you are still doubting me, then you can do these two things: check the Web and find for believable testimonies about it and, of course, use it personally.

> Reports different kinds of errors
One good about it is acts like an error reporter without exerting extra effort on it. It can identify what kind of page error the broken link has—whether it is 404, 500, or 403. Time saving, right?

Promising Help: Google’s Check My Links

> It can help web developers to build links with the broken links it identified.
Thing is, Check my Links’ capacity to scrutinize links is only a step forward to its real SEO and link building significance. For me, it is a tool created to average up your link building.

> Direct Find and Replace (or selling yourself to other blog/site owners after finding a bad link on their site)
This one is basically finding a broken and non-working link on one’s blog roll or site lists. The very first thing you should do is find the best blogs and sites on your niche. Then using your chrome extension, check each site on a certain site’s site lists/blog roll and find if there’s any non-functioning/dead site/broken link in it. Every time the Chrome extension finds one, list the site URL on a separate page (notepad/excel/word/or a piece of paper) and reserved it for your next and final step, which is individually emailing/contacting these sites’ owners. The email will contain a polite message regarding how you did an individual check on their site lists and found broken ones that are unsubstantial to their site, and perhaps, to their SEO. Here, you will also need to mention the exact site links/URLs that are broken so they can check it for themselves. Finally, in a polite manner, you’ll ask them if they can have your site/URL in place of these broken links. You can put some decent bragging about your site to convince them some more.

> Helping those who are in your own blog roll; improving inline reputation and link building relationship
With the same process, it’s pretty given and obvious (and common sense) that you can also do it on your own site. However, kicking and replacing links on your own blogroll is not that easy. These links (and the owners of these sites) are not just links that just sprang out on your site as if they’re mushrooms. If you’re a serious SEO guy, surely, these links are links gained through time, through friendly exchanges of polite emails—needless to mention that most of them are your friend, perhaps some of them have become your friends in the real world, and some are now your current business partners. Thus, deleting them on your site isn’t an easy task.

Start contacting this people and tell them that there’s something wrong with their link. Providing the error and a screenshot proof of it may help them to fix their link. Through this, you, you’re not just improving you own blog roll and site links but you’re helping your online friend to fix their site too. Moreover, doing such affable and benevolent act deepens your online relationship and link building partnership with them—in simple words, you are improving your online reputation as well.



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