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White Label SEO: Beating Google Panda’s Curse

The aftermath of Panda: Content Writing, moving on

They say that the only way to beat Google Panda’s curse is to please him so that he won’t get mad at us. And the only way to achieve such thing is by writing original and relevant contents.
Writers that read too many books and articles can struggle to come up with fresh ideas and contents of their own. Hence, it says that the only way to bring down Google Panda or to recover from its disastrous attack is not an easy job, given that most website writers are too busy as well with reading write-ups and contents from other websites.

This thing is like writing a novel. All the books you’ve read in your life would automatically visit your mind’s landscape as you start to write your own material. It is inevitable.
One time I asked my novelist friend about starting a novel, or in other words, I asked him directly regarding his own experience on writing his personal books. He said what I’ve already stated in the second line of this article: being heavily influenced by thousand of books and having their image on your mind as you write can be part of one writer’s struggle, especially if he target’s originality.

The same thing with translating foreign works. Edith Grossman—the premiere Spanish to English literary translator who translated most of Gabriel Garcia-Marquez novels, 2010 Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas-Llosa’s Travesuras de la Niña Mala, nascent Antonio Muñoz-Molina’s A Manuscript of Ashes and even the legendary Cervantes’ Don Quixote—said that being exposed to different writing styles and works could delay a translator from fulfilling his duty to stay on the original writer’s intention, tone, and structure. Obviously, it’s much better if you just outsource your work like white label SEO.

When writing own contents becomes discouraging, most people opt to just copy an existing content from the Web. Now that Google has made a move to eradicate and punish this act through Panda, writing original articles seems to become a burden to every people who owns a website.

Surviving Panda’s wrath: Content Writing is here to stay

I know I’ve said too much. But all the aforementioned anecdotes and thoughts are just proofs that even the simplest way of battling and surviving Panda’s wrath is one daunting and arduous task. But these don’t teach website owners to quit reading other people’s post. Reading, especially in a technical world of SEO and Web writing, is a need, chiefly if the Web owner aims to gain knowledge from his niche and to be original.

A Web writer or website owner doesn’t have to abandon his website reading routine just to stay focused on his writing to produce original and unique contents. Having said that I have talked to a novelist friend and listened to Edith Grossman, I’ve written some points to remember to continue reading outside works without affecting one’s aim to write a unique write-up.

Designate time for each task

Schedule each of your tasks well by understanding its value and level of demand. Most people tend to copy contents because of their inability to organize and classify things according to importance, to what should come first. For example, read during weekdays and write during weekends. Be sure to give yourself a breather before performing a new task.

Don’t read while you write and vice versa.

Some writers, especially writers who target to beat quotas and deadlines, tend to do two or more things at a time. I’ve seen lots of writers who write and read on the Web both at the same time by pressing Alt+Tab; these are the type of writers who directly copy words from an existing content. Although this requires immense talent, this eliminates writing focus and article quality. Any article—particularly if it is non-personal and technical one— written outside preparation and meticulous research has a high probability of being unoriginal and invaluable .

Give Panda a chance: Take time to rest

Don’t forget the idea of REST

Tired and burned out people tend to beat deadlines by just copying or slightly tweaking any existing piece on the Web.
The people don’ t have much time to research and think of new ways of approaching an old idea or topic are people who are bad in scheduling their task. They are also those who tend to panic and cram when deadline starts to beckon. Lastly, they are the types who end up overly tired at the end of their workday, and eventually end up being burned out, thus making them less interested with their entire work.

The key is rest. If you want to appreciate every piece and part of what you do—whether you’re the one who writes for your website and company or you’re the one assigned to look for a reputable SEO reseller to provide these contents for your company. Then you have to embrace the idea of having rest every once in a while.

Rest has lots of benefits. First, it allows one to prepare his physical and mental condition to become a fitter doer of his job; second, it lets one to contemplate and mull over the things—whether it be achievements or mistakes—about his job; and third, it makes one miss his work while he’s on the process of resting, thus making him more excited and eager to go working again.



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