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Wanna Be A Guest Writer, Dear Brother?

Blog posting means opportunity posting

Everyone knows that guest blog posting or guest blogging is one effectual way to gain immense exposure and presence on the Web. Through this, a blog writer’s intention to write posts to promote his trade, products, services, or even himself, is not only limited in his personal website. Therefore, guest blogging allows one to have limitless possibility to promote his trade online and to gain inexhaustible publicity, even if he’s just a newbie business owner, even if he’s just a nascent online merchant.
Hence, guest posting empowers.

Yet even if this sounds so doable, many who plan to guest blog are having problems in finding a perfect blogs to post on. It’s not all roses and butterflies. And indeed, this is true. It’s not easy to find a perfect blog that suits your business and your niche, and it’s not easy as well to find blog owners who’ll give you their precious Yes.
I may not be an expert of guest blog posting, but I have simple yet superb tips to share with you, so you can have your first pool of blogs where you can guest post. And again I will say it, this isn’t all roses and butterflies. It still require patience, hard work and real dedication not just to writing your guest post but to corresponding to lots of different blog owners.

On your mark, get set, blog!


First, naturally, you have to search. Don’t expect blog owners to knock on your door to have you included in their array of writers. Well, it can be possible if you are as good as a professional SEO reseller or Ernest Hemmingway or Philip Roth, but because you’re not, you have to accept the reality, the reality that it’s you who will search for them, not to mention that you have to plead for their approval.

• start with your favorite blogs

To start with ease, it would be better for you to start with your favorite blogs or websites you’ve been reading daily even before you dove into the idea blog posting. Since you know the blog by heart, it would be easier for you to know what posts they entertain, what kind of articles they need, and what topics interest them.
Then, you can also check their blog roll/list because there’s a big possibility that the sites and blogs included on their favourite links offer blog posting, too, not to mention that they belong to same niche and industry.

Also, check their comments section as well; here you can find possible guest blogging sites that may provide your needs as a gust blogger. Don’t take this for granted because there are lots of bloggers who use their guest blogging sites to comment and interact on other blogs to gain wider online exposure.

• use social media/social networking sites search

The search box placed in your Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Blogspot aren’t just customary boxes to beautify your social media site. Its function is for searching. Use these to search for guest blogging service available on that certain site; you can use exact terms as if you’re searching on a regular search engine like “guest blogging”, “gadget review guest blog” or “guest blogging site branding and marketing”.

• search the Web

And of course, the most obvious way of searching for a guest blogging site is through search engines. However, it’s a bit arduous to search here because it’s more vast and wider compared to searching on a specific site, not to mention that it gives wider results as well; yet, with proper keyword utilization and phrase combination, looking for a perfect guest blogging site that will fit your niche can be easier and faster.

Share a blog, win a friend

Second, Contact Blog Owners

Actually, there is no actual formula in writing a perfect request letter. What is important is to deliver your intention with clarity, politeness, and sincerity.

Also, remember that most blog owners are not erudite and Harvard graduates as many people think. Oftentimes, they are just regular people like us, and writing an Oxfordesque and Harvard-ish type of letter of intent is useless. I’m not saying that you have to write in jargon, idioms, and colloquial words; the thing is, you just have to be straightforward but not vulgar, direct but professional, and honest but respectful.

Don’t bombard your letters with your credentials, expertise, and ideas. Moreover, don’t pour out your innovative proposals and visions as if you have hideous desires of owning and taking over their blogs.

Remember to be original as well. Copying template letter from the Internet is a major no-no since you’re applying to be their guest blogger; guest blogging sites and any online publishing sites reserve no room for copycats and plagiarizers.

Put that in writing. Put than in blogging.

Lastly, You Have to Start Writing

Before writing for your first ever blog posts, be sure to know what the blog needs. Write with relevance according to the blog’s niche, and of course, policies, and rules. Check their about page and reading their existing blog post will let you become familiar to the entirety of their guest blogging service.
In addition, write according to the web master’s directions. There are blog owners who assign certain topics to write on and there are some who just let their writers submit anything that interest them and subject these to scrutiny and screening.

Be keen to understand that it’s the web owner’s right to edit and tweak your article. Guest blogging isn’t so different from real publishing world (newspaper, magazine, book), wherein the owner of the publishing house has the last say and decision about everything, whether he wants to post/publish one’s work or not.
Be sure not to write topics that already exist on the blog. Meaning, you have to read other posts on that blog as well to avoid duplication of topic/post/article ideas. Otherwise, you will be just writing for nothing.

Be sure to have something new to offer. Yes, because if you’re just like one of their writers, or if you’re no different from any regular writer on the Web, chances are, or surely, they’ll just reject you and have you on the endless abyss of waiting for their precious approval.



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