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Understanding Brand Name Search – and Doing Something About It!

What have you been doing online marketing people?

The most common thing marketers do to dominate their niche is through optimizing keywords so people will get to their page when they use search engines. However, if you’re not that popular in your industry niche, chances are, people will need to type your brand name directly on the search box just for them to reach your site. But the worse thing is, what if brand terms aren’t optimizing as well? Certainly, this one is a total failure for your business.

Online marketing extra: What else to do beyond your current website features?

Yet before anything else, aside from optimizing your brand term, this can help in putting down the bad reputations—write up, article, reviews, news—that creates negative image for your brand. In other words, this is also a counter-negative reputation measure for your brand.

• Never Ignore Video Contents

Because creating a quality marketing video is time-consuming compared with writing regular blog post, many people take it for granted. You should ditch that thinking. There are lots of online users today who prefer animated contents over regular blog articles, needless to mention that the number of people who are into reading these days is declining. Therefore, never ever ignore it.
In addition, we all know that major search engines today aren’t taking multimedia contents for granted. So create a good video, choose a persuasive and eye-catching thumbnail for it. Also, video content doesn’t have to be a typical boring advertising about your product. Explore the vast landscape of video marketing. It can be a well-researched tutorial talk, a creatively produced advertising, a live shot of your marketing gigs, and footage of your product test—anything. Just be inventive and persuasive.

• Who does not want discount vouchers?

Most people want discounts, and almost everyone wants to avail a coveted product in a much lesser price. Big companies know this too. That’s why most companies today optimize their brand name with terms like ‘vouchers, discounts, sales, and coupons’. And it gives them good amount of sales and traffic. If you want to have a piece of these things, this is the right time to do the same thing.

Now, since that we are not as rich as these companies, it is pretty understandable that we can’t give what they offer. However, vouchers don’t always mean 50-90% discount and 4-product combos; a simple free stuff or giveaway will do. To most people who look for discounts on the Web, the value of the discount doesn’t really matter—as long as they are saving, or they are getting the product’s price on a cheaper price, or they are getting some free stuff that they can’t obtain from a regular transaction, that’s already fine.

• Don’t ignore the Web Writers in your industry niche

There are people who don’t trust company websites initially. For example, if you’re buying a new laptop or a gadget and you want to have a product review of it before purchasing it from a nearest store, would you consult their main website and in-house reviews? Of course not. No company will tell bad things about their own products. Most people go to independent review blogs/sites because these contain unadulterated and truthful articles about a certain product.

What you need to do is contact these popular and trusted high-PR websites and offer them products in exchange of reviewing it on their site. Of course, this isn’t bribing. This actually is a double edge sword/hitting birds with one stone for your company. Since you know these sites are honest websites, you will be required and forced to improve your products so you can get positive review from them. Therefore, it will help not only your brand SEO but your physical product’s quality as well.

This is also your way of establishing your name to these quality websites. The more times they reference, link and mention their products, the more chance for you to have visible positive online reviews on search engines. Don’t forget that this pushed bad reviews down end eventually out of SERP.

• Control your content through social media profile

It is always delightful to see if a brand is interacting with their customers directly. It gives an impression of giving importance to people, of being serious both with your business and with social engagements. Also, seeing a brand with loads and uncountable number of followers, friends, and fans is an automatic positive reputation for a brand. So don’t forget to optimize your professional content on LinkedIn, your updates on Twitter, and engagement on Facebook and Google Plus.

• Track your Customers; watch your online reputation

Since people control their own content on their own social media sites, you should invest time on tracking them. Push the bad ones down by focusing on the good ones. Optimize pages and sites that give your positive online reputation so it will rank higher and get more visible on search engine result pages.

• The importance of news

Large companies know the value of news for their products. Some hire in-house news writers so they can manage their PRs in their hands, some outsource it to writing firms so that they can have professionally written contents on the Web, and some pay high-rank news sites so they won’t go out of trend timeframe, so that they’ll remain on headlines and under the spotlight. For every product release, releasing a PR that isn’t time-specific is a good way to put bad news down before it gets read by online users. And having a good news endorsed by a trusted news site always appear believable compared with having a bad news on a so-so journalistic website.

• Aim to have a Wikepedia page

Achieving a Wikepedia page isn’t an easy task; add to it the daunting job of asking people to write credible facts about you, making citations, and submitting well-written stories about you. Having one is a big help for your brand name, because Wikepedia bodes powerful search engine presence once you established your name there.

• Buy/register extra domains with your brand name in it

To utilize your brand name, buy extra domains with your brand name in it. But always remember not to copy contents from your website. To be safe, just rewrite your existing content, revise it into a new one without tweaking the idea of it, and then paste it to your new (extra) brand domain. Through this, you can have unidentical (but the same essence/idea) contents in all your websites.

• Extra Works

Know your competitors well, as well as your niche. Learning SEO makes people forget about some basic importance of their trade. They tend to forget about researching about their niche—the new things about it, the current occurrences or the news, and what their competitors are doing; some also tent to ignore the 2nd to 5th pages of SERP, thinking that the links listed there are feeble companies. If you want to gain search engine domination longevity, then you have to track each entity/factors that may block and hinder your way to success in the future. Know your competitors and focus on your industry niche.

• Don’t stop building links inside your own processes

Your main website, articles, PRs, social media presence, affiliations with niche website writers, Wikepedia page and others do not exist for nothing. The brand owner should have a deep understanding and knowledge to keep them strategically linked together, so they can empower each other as one link building method. In other words, leaving these aforementioned things is like creating powerless entities on the Web. So supercharge them by involving them in your link building process, in your search engine optimization strategies.



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