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The Power of Social Validation in Attracting Customers to Your Website

“When we are uncertain about what to do we will look to other people to guide us. And we do this automatically and unconsciously.” – Robert Cialdini, Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion

Certainly, Robert Cialdini is right. And as we think of his words along with the bruised cliché of no man is an island, we all hang to people who we feel a lot wiser, better, or even powerful than us to gain knowledge, strength, or validation. When one is weak, he seeks for someone stronger, clings on to him, not only to recover from weakness but to gain strength as well. This is psychological, and on the other hand rational when it comes to realizing what is happening in the realms of reality, in terms of how people plunge and resort into the capacities of the Internet—especially the social media—whenever necessity knocks, whenever a need for an answer becomes the need itself.

This burning desire to be on the social media circle

We are all aware that most of us aim to be the provider, the answer, and the entity that produces answers and solutions to problems. And that’s where owning an own social media site comes in. We all want to own our own social media site that is powerful and dominant in our niche and industry.

However, having such thing is no easy game. We all know that we have to gain respect from readers first before we become the king of our alcove, to be the one-stop-shop of our target market. In other words, we need to gain approval from other people first before achieving such monumental reputation.

Concisely, we need to understand social validation first.

Social Validation: What now? Where to?

Social media as a bridge

Today, trade owners use social media sites, especially Facebook and Twitter, as bridges to their main business websites. Since these sites are popular, and since these are known to all people—both business owners and regular Web searchers—landing an advertising and promotion to social media is undoubtedly powerful, needless to mention that it attracts torrents of traffic from different source, from organic search to links within the social media site itself.

Social media as an alcove for validation

However, since social media has become a customary and regular thing to people, its existence and sense has somehow become banal and ordinary. Yet its creators have come up with ways to re-empower social media’s significance. Through Facebook’s LIKE (or Google Plus’ +1, or other sites’ share it, link it, stumble upon, tweet it, etc)—a button we all know strategically place somewhere beside a post—a content can gain approval from people and its readers. Hitting this button automatically sends a powerful message to other readers that it somehow managed to help, educate, or in some way please its previous readers. This button’s primary function aside to share and disseminate information is to empower the article and of course, a sturdy source for people who need answers.

Having a reputable social media site is like having a smooth access way to your main business website
Why do people vie for readers? Why social media owners treat Likes and +1 special? The answer is simple. Having readers and believers reflected through Likes and positive comments is positive online reputation. And having a good online reputation means public approval, or in other words,it is like nailing the process of social validation, as if no people inside and outside your niche will not endorse and approve of your business.

Gaining respect from other people and networks become faster with sharing

Ever wondered why almost all SEO reseller packages contain social media thing in it? Or why every marketing expert never fails to remind us its importance to business? Alright. We all know that the power of blogs and social networking sites to disseminate information, promotion, or link is no feeble stratagem. Today, it’s easier to garner hits, readers, and eventually, respect from people because social media works in a very fast way. One doesn’t have to wait for years to gain approval from people, and doesn’t have to spend thousands of money just to dominate his entire niche and industry.

And undoubtedly, no other method is faster and effectual than having a power social media conduit to gain traffic to your own website. Admit it or not, that is the truth. And it’s all up to you to believe it.



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