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The Power of Handsome and Gorgeous Templates & Why WordPress is the Best Website Platform

This Greatness called WordPress

Not all business-minded people have the talent on recognizing beauty and putting it into codes and other technical stuff called HTML. Not all have the capacity to compute whitespace and borderlines and to choose which typeface is perfect for their chosen niche, or which color is suited for their preferred motif and theme.

The advent of WordPress isn’t just an ordinary blogging platform arrival. When it was first introduced to the people, it was something magical, for it answered every amateur blogger’s need at that time. We all know that Blogger’s main problem was its crappy, dreary, and unstylish templates that made countless of websites on the Web looked similar to each other. Was, for Blogger is now offering pretty good templates that appear somewhat professional and fashionable. However, its array of good templates is still no match compared with what is in WorPress’ vast arsenal.

Since there are hundreds of WordPress templates available, I’ll be frank with you: I cannot write about them all here, nor review each of them just to prove you how great their templates are. And besides, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and aesthetic is relative, hence typing them all here means wasting both of our precious time; your time for reading and mine, typing.

Alright. Just to convince you more about WordPress’ greatness when it comes to themes, I’ll say it once more. WordPress has a vast community of designers who design free templates for its users. It is updated not only monthly or yearly but weekly, since it is impossible not to find a newly designed template every week. Also, there are also lots and countless independent designers outside the WordPress community that provide free downloadable templates. All WordPress theme sites are just one-Google away!

Also, being SEO-ready and friendly is what people like about WordPress. Yes, it is its themes’ common denominator, and finding one theme that doesn’t adhere to SEO needs is one difficult job, or perhaps, impossible.

So Why WordPress is the Best Website Platform?

WordPress is not just a blogging platform
Contrary to what others think, WordPress isn’t just a blogging platform. It’s also a content managing system people/trade owners can use to save their important business details, minutiae, and even their entire company profile. In fact, some companies use it as their company profile storage system.

WordPress offers a lot of plugins on the Web
It is the only site that helps their user to be one worry-free website owner. Through their plugins, worrying about improving site performance is not a problem anymore. Most of these are built not only to enhance onsite and internal performance but external as well, since most of these are SEO plugins.

WordPress is user-friendly
Ease of use. Well said. Yes, One doesn’t have to have a degree in Design or Computer Engineering just to understand and operate WordPress. Although having knowledge of advance-coding systems like CSS and HTML can be beneficial in operating a website, a website owner without these technical understandings can still use WordPress at its best. WordPress’ dashboard is comprised of simple website options and navigations that allow users to use all its features with even tweaking codes or calling a Web expert.

Moreover, aside from being user-friendly, it’s highly customizable too. If the website owner aims to have a unique website look, he can also tweak and modify any template available on the theme and template panel of WordPress dashboard.

SEO Adores WordPress

WordPress is SEO-friendly
Yes, it is. Even if you’re just using it’s free platform (, not org), it is already SEO friendly upon getting and signing up an account. And if the website owner wants to boost its SEO capability (for, then there’s a lot of free downloadable SEO plugins on the Web.

WordPress is a feature-packed website-building platform
You read it right and precise. The free WordPress building software is packed with hundreds of free themes to choose from, built-in stat counter, keywords phrases your visitors uses to get on your site, side bars, widgets, and others that aren’t available in its competitors.

Security is WordPress’ top priority
We all know that there is no such thing as unhackable software. However, with WordPress’ powerful security plugins, no amateur hacker can go inside and ransack through your website.

WordPress has a strong and helpful community
What makes WordPress different from any website-building/blogging/CMS platforms is unique community. WordPresss forums and discussions provide countless of threaded comments and replies from expert and long-time users that can help every web owner’s problem. Also, the moderators and experts that run the entire community is accommodating and helping, needless to mention their quick (almost-real time) respond to every WordPress user’s problem.



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