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The Famous Google: Significance, Controversies, and Future Plans

“Googling” at Google is Searching Online

Google is undoubtedly the most popular brand today. Their “brand-verbed” brand name says it all. In the present day, “googling” or “to google” means “to search online”. The phrase “google it” is a command that literally means to “search for it”. Imagine how different life would be without Google. It certainly would be a lot different: Now that we are all search engine-dependent, life without a steady and dependable search engine would likely be miserable.

With all due respect to early search engines such as Yahoo and MSN, it is Google which made the greatest improvement to searching. Google has made searching interesting. It made the ever-impossible and incomprehensible image search possible and graspable; now everyone can get their desired images and photos from the Web. Local search became widely recognized and practiced because of Google. Real time online news searches have become more refined. The same is true for book and blog searches which has, in turn, led the increasing popularity of Internet marketing and shopping. Most importantly, Google’s Maps has changed user viewing experience, local searching, and the entire online market as well.

Success Comes with a Google Rush of Controversies

Misuse and manipulation of search results, use of another’s intellectual property, privacy, censorship of search results and contents, and other issues such as monopoly, antitrust, capitalism, and restraint of trade are among the controversies that have stained Google’s name over the years. Indeed, these issues continue to tarnish Google’s name, but the company has responded with regular updates, creating plausible steps that will bring balance and fairness to the entire search industry.

What Google Plans to Do
According to Google’s blog post, it is headed toward the betterment of the entire search industry. This includes focusing on universal search results, giving quick answers, and establishing the future of searching. Universal search means returning and having results like images, videos, and news in a single search platform, making the search more comprehensive and enabling users to find products, places, patents, books, and maps on Google alone. Quick answers, on the other hand, is having results that are more than just a list of links to websites and having Quick Answers at the top of the page for a wide variety of topics, making even Harder Questions more answerable and searchable. Lastly, focusing on searching’s future is done through developing faster ways to search and save time, whether it involves shaving seconds off searches with Google Instant or helping you search using your phone and Voice Search.

What Google’s Existence Means
Google is on the right track so far, according to experts on the Web. Its existence is not simply about creating ways to encourage more people to trust searching, but attracting competitors as well; his makes the entire search industry stronger and more competitive.



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