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Surefire Ways to Make your New Website Rank

SEO fact: A new website is just another website

You have a new website. You just paid your domain, a year-worth, and you’ve been visiting it in your shabby Acer laptop. You just checked your traffic and saw that 24 of its visitors are from you, and the other one is from an IP address from China, perhaps a spam. Today you feel so sad because even spammers fail to see your site.

Now you feel a little happiness. Inside your heart, I don’t know…maybe in your mind, or perhaps in yourself. You are happy because you’ve found this article, full of helpful ways to jumpstart a website life, to have a ranking website even if you it’s just a month-old site.

SEO work: Aim for Rank! Goal for Google!

Make Your Page Accessible

Of course, if you want to rank on the Web and be visited by people then you have to make your website accessible. However, at this point in time, there are some things you can no longer change now that your site is already live and founded, like tweaking or changing your domain (in case you’ve chosen a very unappealing and horrible one), or getting a more appealing one (since it’s costly and time-consuming). On the contrary, there are still lots of thing you can do to make your website accessible and reachable to your customers. One thing is by being sure that the site errors that annoy us as readers like 404s, 505s, and 302s, missing title tags, duplicate contents (Google’s number 1 enemy these days), wrong links and redirects, faulty anchor links, and thin and nonsense contents that are both useless to Google and readers.

Have a Target, Aim for a Keyword

Now that you are resorting to search engine optimization process your Seo Reseller friend has told you, you probably have asked him how this process works, and perhaps, he’s told you that every SEO process starts at choosing—or researching—for a plausible and powerful keyword that is relevant to your niche. It’s certain that you already know by now that this method isn’t just aimless choosing for word combination that suits or interest you and that this isn’t like throwing livid birds through an Angry Bird slingshot and hope for a perfect piggy landfall. You, as the site owner, should be precise in choosing competitive words and phrases that you’ll be using for your future strategies like content writing and social media promotion.

Create Good, Substantial and Valuable Contents

To reiterate it, to be able to have a ranking website is to have a good volume of visitors. And to achieve this, you have to find their soft spot by means of your contents. Get their attention by writing contents that can be valuable and helpful to them. For sure, you didn’t build you website just for yourself or to make money, and, on the other hand, they’re not just visiting you to have a good-time-read or to pass their precious time. You should be aware that they’re on your site because they have queries, and they are hoping to get the answer for this questions from your site.

Moreover, as a website owner, you know that these contents, these keyword-rich contents are an important part of your website because these attracts search engines’ attention; so better write original and substantial contents.

SEO techniques: Don’t forget the details that count

Don’t Ignore Blog Design

Some websites owners tend to ignore their blog design because they think that the only important thing to their readers and customers aside from the contents is the product they sell. In some ways, this can be true. But website owners should be reminded that most Web searchers, readers and customers are sophisticated beings. Once they land on your site, chances are, or surely, they will look on your website design, probably criticize, and judge it. However, design isn’t just about colors, typefaces, and other aesthetical matters. A good website has a good usability. Meaning, customers should navigate through and inside a site with ease, without difficulties in clicking links, finding pages (readability), and even loading (website speed).

Sociable Website

I bet you’re not numb to know that this is the age of socializing. Everyone, everybody—from regular people to trade owners—has social media presence these days, and as a website owner yourself, you should be one of them too. Share your contents on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus; share your thought through Blogger and WordPress; promote your articles using Digg. Also, having share buttons will help you promote your site and spread your contents; allowing your readers to share whatever’s posted on your site will help you expand your networks in time, in the most efficient and effectual manner.

Build Links

Once you’re done doing all the things mentioned above, then your site is ready to face the world outside your lonely domain. Basically, the next best thing you should do is to start building links with other niche-related sites. However, building links isn’t just emailing all the people you know and pleading for a good link exchange or what. Preferably, linking with your close friends, people you really know, and loyal readers and customers. Moreover, you can do guest posting on high-ranking and relevant websites that can give you a decent exposure. Write for blogs with solid and established followers. In addition, you can write articles for popular, high PR article search sites, self promote your site on your own social media account, or write for your own blog and eventually create your own network here.

These things aren’t just one time “things-to-do” but these comprise a series, a process that is done regularly, done with utter dedication. If you really want to have a soaring and ranking website, then you have to put serious effort on allocating time for whatever things you choose to do for your site. Dedication and continuity, perhaps you should remember these two words.



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