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Simultaneous, Real Time Video Watching and Photo Viewing with your Facebook Friends through Livelead

Todays TV: It’s Live or Never

Back in the day, watching important international news as it happens—say, the inauguration of Theodore Roosevelt or Monroe’s TV appearance—was nothing short of impossible. During those times, “live” meant delayed, at least by a couple of minutes. Then, too, one had to deal with poor quality feed if you were watching from the suburbs or low-signal areas.
Experiencing something simultaneously with your friends, even when you’re on opposite ends of the world, is undoubtedly enjoyable. Watching the same live feed from different locations is now commonplace. Take, for instance, the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which was watched by millions around the world. While the wedding took place in broad daylight, many in the audience watched it real time—at night time in their part of the world. Advances in technology have made this possible; gone are the days when we had to wait for hours, days even, to find out what was going on in other parts of the globe.

What’s with this Livelead?

Should we be so surprised to hear that social networking sites are doing the same thing today? The answer: not at all.
Today, Facebook users can watch videos and share photos with their friends real-time with LiveLead. If you’re a Facebook user, you should go to LiveLead’s website. From there, you’ll be directed to a page asking you to allow LiveLead to make some changes in your page and account (just like any other Facebook app). Next, you need to create a room and invite people from your friend’s list to be part of your video and photo watching experience. You’ll just simply click the (+) sign next to their name to invite them. If the invited party is online, he or she will receive a Facebook message via Facebook chat; if not, the invite link will end up as a regular (yet customizable) Facebook message. Once you have a list of viewers in your room, you can start browsing videos on YouTube or photos on your Facebook site and begin watching it simultaneously with your friends. In addition, you can chat and exchange comments and suggestions while watching.

The one who created the room will serve as administrator or, in Facebook/LiveLead parlance, the leader. The leader has complete control over the video, meaning, as he presses start, fast-forward, pause or rewind, chat room members will see exactly the same thing on their monitors.

What Livelead is for?

Undoubtedly, LiveLead’s usage goes beyond mere entertainment. Looking at its features, it appears to be an avenue to reintroduce social networking sites to offices. Social networking sites have been banned in some offices and establishments because it lowered employee productivity and efficiency, and at times even exposed company secrets and strategies. Livelead can lead to better things if used wisely. A department leader can hold a meeting without leaving his seat or office; it also minimizes noise, since interactions are done through chat.

Here’s the catch: It is not new, anyway does the same things LiveLead can do, while Google Plus has Hangouts, with a few differences among them. has public rooms where everyone and anyone can join, while Hangouts has limitations. Livelead has simultaneous video viewing as well as photo sharing features, so you can chat, view photos, watch videos, and set-up a playlist all at the same time.



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