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Simple SEO Tips for iPad

Riding High on the iPad Phenomenon

When the legendary Steve Jobs first revealed the iPad, a lot of people thought it was just one marketing blah. It gained colossal criticisms and widespread neglect from the mass audience, because to them, this was just a blown-up version of the iPod.

But Sir Steve Jobs proved these people wrong. It’s been years and it’s now on its fourth series (iPad 4 was launched just last month), and most of its early haters are now converts and loyalist of the product. Today, lots of tech experts, technology enthusiast, and gadget aficionados consider iPad aficionados as the most thrilling and ahead-of-this-time invention of this century. And indeed, this opened a way for search engine optimization practitioners to invade the platform as well.

There’s SEO for iPad, too!

SEO tips to Remember

Below are some simple SEO tips to remember in case you have plans of creating a website for iPad:

iPad does not support Flash

Yes, iPad does not support Flash, a thing that is very common in any fields of SEO. There is still no news from Apple if it will open its platform to support Flash in their future iPad releases (maybe iPad 5 or 6), so assuming that it will not happen in the future is the safest thing to do as of now; thinking this way may assure you of long-term website plans as well.

Therefore, minimizing—or completely ignoring—the use of Flash is the best thing to do if you are designing an iPad-ready site. Moreover, since Google can’t crawl Flash either, you should convert all your contents to HTML5 .

Site Speed and the Concept of Minimizing

Like all Internet-powered device, iPad’s site’s speed also depends on the Internet capability of the area. Ensure that images are smaller that they need to be without sacrificing image aesthetics; don’t make it stretched or overly fitted on the site, for it will not only show that you’re struggling to adhere on iPad’s SEO needs but it will also destroy your site’s aesthetics as well. Also, Combining External JavaScript and minimizing DNS lookups can help a lot to have better images on every iPad user’s screen.

An iPad-Friendly Site

In Mobile SEO, it’s been a trend to create a separate website. However, it just leads to tremendous unnecessary duplicate content that is obviously bad for your website, especially when it comes to bandwidth and keyword targeting.

Remember that being Mobile-friendly doesn’t mean being iPad friendly, for mobile websites are obviously designed for smaller web viewing. Also, keep in mind that mobile phones’ screens are smaller than iPad.

Some things peculiar about iPad

iPad Navigation is different

remember mouse function

In iPad, cursors are used differently. We all know that the mouse functions that exist on a regular laptop is nonexistent here. In iPad, performing a finger hold movement means a copy-paste function instead of creating a hover movement. Therefore, designing without knowing its navigation can be deadly for any web designer who will attempt to translate a desktop website into an iPad one.

remember pagination

In addition, improve your entire navigation by minimizing—yet not eliminating—pagination. Use the vastness of iPad’s screen space to strategically place related icons, pages and buttons that will reduce user’s finger movements such as slides, double click, for we all know there is an excessive finger usage in tablets, a thing that concerns a lot of iPad and other tablet users.

remember button size

One thing to consider is the button size. Try to imagine a regular human finger size and avoid thinking that it is Thumbelina or Hulk who is navigating your size. Remember that in the early days of mobile Internet, the most common problem is the button size; too small and too big won’t help the equation—making it “just right” is the best thing to do. This also translates to scroll bars and type button sizes

Some Final Notes for Your iPad

Layout preciseness

Layout is one of the most daunting tasks every website designer faces whenever he creates a mobile version of an existing site. Sorry to say, the task seems more arduous and laborious when it comes to iPad web designing. An iPad website design should be laid out correctly since the it can perform—or can be viewed in—both landscape and portrait mode. A good website designer should understand the proper use of scrolling in both modes.

Ensure that content is PDF downloadable

We all know that free Internet these days is not yet overly available and ubiquitous, and only few establishments offer it. In some countries, only high-end coffee shops, subways and trains stations, and elite arcades have it. Anyway, allowing your contents to be PDF downloadable can attract lots of visitors since this will let them view your contents in the absence of Internet connection.

Never Forget the Analytics

Your website is your business, and forgetting about analytics is nothing different from ignoring your website. To track if your newly-designed iPad website is effective, use Google analytics or other analytic software that suit your taste. However, if you’re using Google Analytics right now, you can view your iPad website’s performance by just going to Visitors, Browser Capabilities, and Operating Systems and you can view everything from traffic to other basic website details that can be meaningful to your SEO.



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