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SEO Reseller: Everyone is a Potential Client

Now is the best time to be an SEO Reseller

It’s hardly surprising that most SEO Resellers these days struggle with finding potential clients. With the rising popularity of Search Engine Optimization, more and more resellers want in on the action. But you just got to give it to them. When I started as a Reseller, boy was it tough. Despite having some really good leads, I had problems getting clients at first. Luckily, I was with a really good SEO provider that offered really great, value-added services to clients.

Finding prospects is like searching for a star quarterback for a college football team, the next Michael Jordan for a basketball league, or a guy with a street thug swagger and a punk persona for an indie-pop band. It takes persistence, the right attitude, and the right timing to succeed in this business, where everyone—online businesses, mom n’ pop stores, burger stands, flower shops, hotels, hospitals, car dealerships—could be a potential client.

SEO Reselling is a Booming Business Opportunity

There is absolutely no boundary when it comes to SEO. Any business owner in need of an effective online marketing strategy can be a customer. Search Engine Optimization is useful not only to businesses with existing websites but also to those who have yet to set up websites of their own. This is why most SEO service providers today offer all-inclusive packages, from web design to content generation.

When one of my prospects told me that they had no website or any online presence, I immediately got in touch with my SEO provider so we could set up the website for free. Some clients had poorly constructed websites which we redesigned to make them look cool and SEO-friendly. If prospects had not enough money to cover the initial expense of a startup optimization project, we worked out special deals so they could benefit from SEO services without incurring significant expenses. Thus, with my SEO provider’s perfectly designed product and service packages, I was able to offer winning solutions.

The SEO Reseller Market is Ripe

Everyone is a potential client. If you’ve got the guts to offer your service to John Lewis and IKEA, or to Kenneth Cole or D&G, then why not do it? Just remember to equip yourself with all the things that would relevant and beneficial to their respective businesses. This way, it wouldn’t be so hard to make them say yes to what you’re offering. In addition, before choosing any particular provider, check if they can cater to your target market’s needs. For example, if you want to resell an SEO service to startups and local businesses, ask your provider first if they offer inexpensive deals that your target market, i.e. startups and local businesses, can readily afford.



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