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On Being the Improving Bing

Is Bing finally bringing the goods?

Some online users say that Google’s latest update—its goal to protect personalized search results from signed-in users—has nothing to do with increasing and improving privacy, which, on the other hand, just limits the results people can get organically from the search system. The move seems like a clear act of favouring the paying public, the advertisers. This announcement seems like an additional weight to Google since the numbers of online users who think of Google’s service as somewhat undermining or rather selfish are increasing. And if you’ll add it to the upcoming demise of Yahoo Site Explorer, we can say that more and more people are looking—or should start choosing—for a newer and better data source.

Obviously, we are talking about Bing.

The Bing Webmaster

According to Bing’s very own Duane Forrester, they’ve been collecting raw and personal data through surveys that they roll out through Bing Webmaster. As of today, he says that Bing is a hundred percent committed to personally looking and studying through individual answers and suggestions people delivered through the mentioned survey. This is obviously a clear and solid step to make Bing a people-friendly and search-worthy search engine website, since the future tools and features of the site is obtained according to what its users’ need. The will roll out another survey after six months—maybe April or May—while they take a serious study on people’s queries. Forrester also says that he and the rest of Bing are open to suggestions, ideas, and thoughts that may help the improvement of its entire search system.

More relevance, less creepy
These days, we know how overly personalized and cluttered search is. It is hard to get into your needs if you’re an online searcher for certain products. Today, typing on a search box does not mean getting what you really need even if you type in all the exact phrases you’re searching for. Along with Bing’s current expansion and self-improvisation, an effort to improve organic search is being done to provide all the relevancies collected from multiple data sources—not only from its partner Facebook—to eliminate useless and irrelevant results.

On Meta keyword tags
However, as the issue of meta tags’ importance to Bing emerges, Forrester said that doing such is a personal thing, an internal search thing. If you’re into details and into strategically laboring on your metas, then that’s fine, for it’s like labelling your name, putting internal definition for your contents, and giving more relevancy to yourself, to who you are. It’s more of a correlation rather than causation. Concisely, it won’t help one to dominate a keyword nor boost overnight through it. Knowing that there are some Internet services that pull data using meta data keyword tags, this one is just a personal choice. Do it or not, it’s your decision, for, again, it won’t help you jump in relevancy.
On the other hand, using metas should still lie on correct, proper and fair practices, because refusing to so is not a hard task for them to see.

Everything is a process, but they will let us informed
While they get user’s thought, ideas, and suggestions regarding the improvement of search, and while they put it to real work until it become true and live search engine features, they promise to let all its users be well-informed, and will not impetuously announce a recent change in the website itself that will just shock audiences and people.

In a nutshell, Bing is continuously growing
This isn’t an all Google game today. Bing is in the ring. Their market share is increasing, and they have been focusing not only on authentic Bing user’s but also on those who are yet ‘fans’ of their system. To be able to achieve this, as stated in the abovementioned info, they are reaching out to people, to get a firsthand account of what they think and to come up with devices that will bring a good future in the entire search industry.

Obviously, having a search engine team that is open and willing to listen and create real works of it isn’t just a boost in the search industry—but for the entire online business industry as well. SEO, SEO Reselling, small businesses, local web stores…name it.



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