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Is There Really No Future in Being in the SEO Industry?

The Google Panda update hit all online traders like a real disaster. It’s been 7 months and there are a lot of them that still struggle to climb the spot they once dominated. Whether it is small business or mainstream and popular corporation, no one has escaped the claws of this cuddly disaster.

Now, more and more people are questioning the plausibility and effectiveness of the SEO business. Some are having second thoughts if continuing their once flourishing business is still reasonable; some are just plain scared of a second panda attack. But we can’t blame them. If they’ve been depending on their SEO business for years to survive a day, taking this business away from them is one big strike to their lives. And that’s what this Panda update did—or has done—to lots of SEO owners. Some are hesitant to continue, and some, just surrendered.

I hope you are not one of them.

SEO business is serious business

This business is only for those who have an enduring heart

Business is risk, and we all know that. Be involved in an illegal business and be involved in the cops’ life as well. Open a cheap-to-run trade and wait for 100 years to expand. Do it the right way but don’t expect everything to be fine, since there’s a lot of detractors and competitors to let you down. Hence, any business—legal, illicit, hard earned, or what— means risk. And taking the risk requires one enduring heart.

And in an SEO business, surrendering your business to an intangible virtual Panda simply means refusing to take the risk, and perhaps, surrendering your heart as well.

If you believe that there is still future in being an SEO, then you should take the challenge and the risk. It’s all about taking the challenge.
However, speaking of the SEO itself, or to be a little technical about it, there are some things to consider in strengthening your SEO, to extend its life, to solidify the longevity of your SEO business.

Focusing on SERP alone is deadly

If one site has an extended Adwords and organic site links, and if it has some pretty good keyword management, competing against it will blatantly appear impossible. Therefore, every business should at least be in the top 3 or 5 of that keyword just for them to appear on the first page of the SERP, because we all know that most Web searchers don’t put much attention on the subsequent search engine result pages. So being a newcomer on that niche is like being welcomed by hatfuls of bullies, hence making one defenceless and powerless.
Focusing, competing, and spending money on search traffic alone can be fatal for one’s business, for it is only effective as a short-term strategy. Thinking of SERP alone is being brutally thankful of accepting a self- inflicted defeat.

There is still a wide and open space for you in PPC

Instead of wasting your money on some useless business ventures, diving into a serious PPC campaign can be beneficial to your business’ search engine exposure. Being visible on the first page through a PPC campaign is much better than to be in the 8th and last pages of SERP.
Also, using the business’ own budget for marketing and advertising can also elevate and improve its entire strategy through media buys, blog monitoring, and targeted advertising.

SEO isn’t just about SERP

The good thing about SEO is its diversity when it comes to internal processes that comprise it. If focusing on SERP alone this time sounds a weak a strategy, then focusing on some ways to leverage the effectiveness of the business can be still be effectual.

• conversion optimization

Beauty and aesthetics are still the best way to control and stir website visitor’s emotion. Revisiting web design, aligning it to the description of the niche and relating it to the taste of the audience, choosing better typefaces, fonts, word usage and combination for better headlines, content variation, layout control, and everything about the entirety of the website’s physicality can be a good starting point to bounce back on the competition.

• email marketing

Now that email giants Yahoo and Google are competing with their email features, email users are starting to go ‘emailing again’. Email never goes out of trend and almost everyone has its own email address. Therefore, with a proper utilization of email marketing campaign, one can nail it without being label his works as spam, but rather an informative and helpful advertising.

• social media optimization

Like email, having a social networking account today is more than a trend. Everyone is aware that these sites has the capability to position a brand or a business to its audience, or it has the capacity to provide to an almost nonexistent and blossoming brand; thus, ignoring what these sites can do to a trade is like ignoring success as well.

• traditional and offline advertising

Through the years, traditional advertising has become a part of SEO. Links, URLs, and anything about a business’ online presence are disseminated and strewn through brochures, posters, banners, word of mouth, TV, print and radio. One can make a strong online conversion through nailing these important means of advertising.

• SEO Reselling

Having a knowledgeable, hardworking, and determined pool of SEO resellers on one’s team can help a lot of downhearted local business owners to bring back their confidence and trust to SEO. Aside from the fact that it empowers the business itself, it can empower the entire search engine optimization industry itself too.
The first step is always ‘believing’

If you stop believing in your business, then there is no point of making further moves for it. If you believe that the Panda have long defeated the entire search engine optimization, the best thing you can do now is to quit the business and be a loser forever.



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