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Google’s New Update: Parked Domains, Scraper Sites, Query Results Refinements

Take Care of Your Websites, Google Suggests

New “parked domain” classifier: This is a new algorithm for automatically detecting parked domains. Parked domains are placeholder sites that are seldom useful and often filled with ads. They typically don’t have valuable content for our users, so in most cases we prefer not to show them.”— Google blog

This new parked domain classifier seems a scary thing for websites that own additional domains that are inactive. These domains may have been set aside for later use, or may redirect or point users to another existing domain. This means that a website owner is now forced to take care of its sites—whether it’s a reserved domain or a main site—by putting quality, fresh, and regular content in it, especially now that Google has added new signals to detect which of the two or more similar pages is the original. It will also help to eliminate scraper sites or sites that copy content from other websites. Their elimination is substantial and significant to the search market because, sometimes, they outrank the original sites where they scraped their content from.

Host Crowding Finally Over, Google Says

Although Google has failed a lot of times to stop a site from occupying more than a single listing on top of the search engine results pages, its new update regarding “top result selection code rewrite”, a code which handles extra processing on the top set of results, is giving webmasters new hope. This allows not too many results from one site and even rewrites a code to make it easier to understand. This is simpler to maintain and is more flexible for future extensions.

This delivers fair and balanced competition because no company or domain would have the opportunity to occupy the entire page. However, the issue of having extra and additional sites such as social media profiles, blogs, and other sites is unclear.

For the Benefit of the Searchers, Google Wants

If a searcher uses a rare word, chances are, he will end up with weak search results. With Google’s related query results refinements, the searchers can hope to get finer yet broader results, results that are outside his query but still related and associated to it. Comprehensive indexing is done as well, producing more long-tail documents available in the index, resulting to more relevant queries. This also covers blog search and image results.

Minor color and layout changes are made as well for the benefit of tablet users, to improve user experience. Lastly, Google is now displaying latest scores, schedules, and updates from leagues like the Major League Soccer and Canadian Football League along with the quick access to game recaps and box scores.
Finally, the entire update tells webmasters to continue delivering fresher and more valuable content. They also need to give up creating parked domains for future use.



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