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Google Real-Time Analytics: The Real Score; The Real Deal

SEO asks: Real Time? Give it to us now Google

In the advent of social media sites Facebook and Twitter, tracking traffic immediately—or real-time—has become a real need. Now that everyone has the capacity to share his thoughts and update his site and trade’s details on a concurrent basis through this social media sites, everyone is asking why viewing and tracking what is exactly happening on a site seems like an improbable idea.

It’s not Google’s original idea again
Scores of people were questioning Google’s analytics. Some say that its popularity on the analytic industry was just hype. A lot of online writers believed that there’s lots of minor analytic firms that could surpass what Google was doing. Name-drops here and there, Canadian start-up PostRank surfaced on the market and made its name on the Web. And again, as usual, Google used its monetary capability to acquire the start-up business and had its specialties—to collect and monitor social media figures in a real-time basis across the Web.

Four months after the jovial acquisition, Google is now bragging its newest Analytic service, an Analytic service that enables webmasters to keep an eye on their site traffic in real time. In addition, the recent acquisition has opened a way to the inception of a “connect” feature that is obviously created to battle Facebook Connect.

In a September 29 blog post titled “What’s Happening on Your Site Now?”, from Google they have proudly announced the arrival of the new Google Analytics saying,

“The web is getting faster, and not just the speed of the pages, but also the speed of change. Before, it was fine to build a website and modify it only when new products were launched. All of us avid Analytics users know that’s just not good enough. We need to be constantly on the lookout for problems and opportunities.

Currently, Google Analytics does a great job analyzing past performance. Today we’re very excited to bring real time data to Google Analytics with the launch of Google Analytics Real-Time: a set of new reports that show what’s happening on your site as it happens.”

SEO asks: New Analytics? Tell us more Google

Beyond Being Real-Time
The new Analytics now has the capacity to show the amount and number of people coming in a certain site for every minute. Additionally, it has some “social media power” wherein it shows the number of visitors active on the site at the specific time the administrator chooses to view it. Having this data can solidify the idea that Google isn’t tailoring one’s site’s traffic.

Also, monitoring the traffic sources and its GEO location, the exact page and content being viewed, and the keywords they used to discover the site, whether it is from organic search or paid, are also being improved and enhanced by the real-time system.

On a larger view, some experts see this real-time analytic service from Google as a monumental way to encourage webmasters to experience their site seriously, because for the past few years, many website owners are doubting some numbers and details analytics services (not only Google’s). With the real time competence of Analytics, studying and analyzing your their site’s performance is now far from being dubious.

Some say it’s not really real-time at all
We can say that Google isn’t really the first one to introduce “real-time” in the analytics industry. Of course, there was PostRank, then there are PiWik, Woopra, Reinvigorate and Clicky that offer this “right-on-the-dot” analytic service. Needless to say that Google’s new announcement is all just history and “what’s new about it?” for its competitors.

If people can just spare some time browsing the Web, they’ll see various forums and discussions regarding how irrelevant this new Google Analytics thing to them. There also individual sites expressing their sentiments how delayed and “not-exactly-real-time” Google’s service is.

Clicky even said that Google’s service isn’t really real-time at all, for it is only a single report (in GA) that is real time.

In fact, Clicky has been bragging its few advantages over Google and other Analytics services on the Web. It claims that its competitor—especially Google—is unable to have its super services such as detailed information about the visitor, login custom data, ability to track downloads and outbound link, Video analytics, mobile hardware reporting, detailed organizations data, Twitter analytics, Email/mobile alerts, and many more. With these thing mentioned, we can say that Google’s Analytics is still a baby project compared with its competitors.

However, judging this improved analytics service from Google is in the hands of users. And, if in case users find this thing kind of ‘lacking” and ‘weak, then they can always go back to their old Analytics master.

Using multiple analytics isn’t a crime, anyway. Why not get all these leading services and stuff them all in your marketing strategy?



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