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Give and Get Dime—or How Giving Freebies Can Give You Customers

I know what you think. You think my title is quite feeble. I understand. Who would waste time on giving and getting just a dime? Wait. I didn’t rip The Beatle’s famous song Live and Let die just for nothing. Aside from the fact that it’s a “genius way of writing a headline”, I can say that it’s more of a metaphor. But it’s your duty to dig for its meaning.

A mighty little note on traditional link building
Whenever we hear the word link building—or building network links with other sites, some once called it network linking—we think of effort, of tremendous effort on emailing people, pleading for a link exchange or a shot to be included in their blog rolls or link lists, conducting endless polite requests through cold calls, or even through a direct message on their blogs’ comment section to give our sites a chance to be included in their strong network.

Although that technique is pretty bruised and overused, a lot of SEO practitioners still use these methods to build links and expand their network. Yet these link building methods are only for those sites/blogs that haven’t gained any on the Web, or in other terms, these are only for the newbies, for those site owners who have no choice but to resort to these déclassé manners. Yes, these are pretty declassing since you have to plead and lower down your dignity just for you to belong in their strong group.

Nevertheless, once you’ve gained some rankings, reputation, and name on the Web, there are some ways to build links that won’t require you to do these declassing things. In addition, it seems rather improper for a site that has very impressive badge on its name to beg for some other else’s approval. Well, there is now a way to continue your link building with class. You’ve probably heard of it, but quite hesitant to try it because of the limited ideas you have in mind to push it through.

Freebies Galore: Generosity begets bounty

Okay. Let’s get straight to the point. It’s about giving. Yes. You heard it right. You’ll give freebies to your readers and followers to gain more links, to expand and reach more people, and of course, to have more networks of customers and clients.

Hitting two birds with one stone

It’s a shame since I started—and even titled—this article with a slightly puzzling metaphor, and now I’m using an overused American idiom. Anyway, that’s the perfect word to say it. Yes, this article will teach you how to hit two things with a stone, for you’ll be helping people, building links, and gain customer at the same time. Okay. You are right. That’s three. Just change the subheading in your mind. My bad.

Penny-pinching will earn you just that, pennies.

Kidding aside, below are some giveaway approaches you can try:

Give away stuffs, real, physical stuff

Nothing beats real physical stuff that they can use on their own trades. Think of things that can be valuable on their own businesses as well. Things like marketing books, entrepreneurial manuals, and business packages can be a good bait to have your link included on their network. Of course, you’re not giving it all for free. In exchange of stuff like T-shirts, gift bags, pins, books, or other free yet appealing products, let them do a little favor for you aside from free link exchange. You can ask bloggers for reviews, have your new products on a test before you release it on the Web or introduce it to the market.

Give them money!

Money is the best give away bait that you can use for a fast link exchange. In addition, if you don’t have the physical money, or cash, you can always resort to some financial-esque things like vouchers, discounts, sales, and even Amazon affiliate links points they can use to avail your products and services.

Share Your Greatest Online secret or newly discovered technique.

If you’ve already established yourself as a guru or an expert of your niche, sharing your greatest marketing secret will be a good way to let them build links with you. Today, there are lots of well-established names on the Web who take advantage of their reputation to build link networks for their new and sister web sites or blogs. Some even create products and packages and give it for free just to create a fast and strong link network on the Web.

Inject some excitement and suspense, hold competition

If you are the planner and competitive type, holding a competition in your blog or main website can be fun too. I’ve seen lots of blogs that did it and ended up successful and soaring. All you have to do is make “good PR and good online reputation” as a contest ticket, think of a desirable prize, and exchange links with them.

Important Reminder
Always remember not to use “good works” just to establish a solid link building. There are lots of experts on the Web who says that everyone should use the process of charity to spread your company name and link on the Web by helping charitable institutions like hospitals, non-government organizations, and health groups. Marketing our products, services and our own company name should be done creatively and extensively, but we should always keep in mind that it has limitations too. If you’re going to use “charity” just to have your company name and site link on these charitable institutions’ websites, then think twice. Always remember that there is always a thin line between good will, good heart, marketing, and karma.



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