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Finding a Good SEO Reseller

Are you the best SEO Reseller in town?

This is a question we resellers often find difficult to answer. If we say NO, our prospects might end up ignoring us and entertaining other resellers; and if we say YES, we may seem too full of ourselves. So instead of answering it with a jest or laughing it off, we win them over with our excellent SEO programs and packages.
Companies and individuals in search of the best SEO reseller should pay equal attention to what they sell and how they sell their services. This is the best way to determine whether a certain SEO reseller is likely to deliver on their end of the bargain.

On How an SEO Reseller Does the Selling

The way different SEO resellers pitch their services can tell you much about their attitudes and professionalism. Those who badmouth other resellers can easily come off as arrogant and even ignorant. Instead of really pitching their services to clients, they use every opportunity to put down their competitors. Some do this as a way to cover up ignorance about their trade or perhaps their failure to fully respond to their clients’ needs.

In addition, those who can’t even recite their marketing spiels well and those who show up at meetings without the relevant documents would seem rather unprepared and appear quite unprofessional. Then there are those who can’t give you instant answers or propose solutions to your most pressing concerns. Would you trust resellers like these? Probably not.

On What an SEO Reseller Actually Sell

Perhaps what’s more important than any marketing presentation is the actual service they offer. Do their products and packages appear beneficial to you? Are their SEO packages applicable to your business? Would their services give you an edge over your competition?
As a client, it’s your prerogative to check if their rates are competitive and reasonable. Every other reseller nowadays brandishes cost savings as a prime benefit, yet this cannot compensate for poor quality. What’s the use of a $2 monthly agreement if they can’t even put you on top of’s 4th page?
You should also find out how they go about doing their work. Do they adhere to SEO ethical standards? Do they practice fair and honest optimization? There is no point in reaching the top of Google’s SERP if your site eventually gets banned because of duplicate content, dead links, or for failure to comply with Google Panda rules.

The Qualities of a Good SEO Reseller

A good SEO Reseller may not be perfect when it comes to delivering marketing spiels. He or she may not have the charisma of Steve Jobs or the impressive theatricality of Johnny Depp. In the end, however, finding a balance between what the reseller offers and the way he or she presents it should help you discern the right one from the rest.



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