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Endless Rise, Inc. Reseller Code of Ethics

Being such a new territory and industry, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Reselling still lacks familiar ethical methodology in which the SEO Reseller Provider and SEO Reseller can be held responsible. Endless Rise, Inc. created the 1st SEO Reseller Code of Ethics worldwide and sets the industry standards for all other Reseller Providers to follow. Our Code of Ethics will outline how we do abide by guidelines and hold ourselves and our SEO Resellers accountable.

****Consumer expectations, standards, perception and performance are a few of the most important qualities our company instills and requires of our Resellers.

  • Service Goals:
    As an SEO Reseller Provider, our goal is to reach and obtain a high placement in the primary search engines for each End Client’s keywords and to generate quality, targeted leads/conversions through other optional online marketing mediums. Our SEO structure is extremely solid; no shortcuts, no automation, no tricks, and certainly no black hat techniques.
  • Search Engine Guideline Compliant:
    As a SEO Reseller Provider, we abide by all guidelines of Google Webmaster, MSN, and Yahoo Local searches. We guarantee that our End Client’s websites will not be penalized or suffer from any ranking penalties as a direct result of Endless Rise’s actions.

  • End Clients in Competition:
    As a SEO Reseller Provider, we remain neutral to end clients whom are in direct competition with each other. The keyword sets we work with will never be 100% duplicated from end client to end client, and unique research will be done for each end client’s SEO Campaign.

    ****All SEO Resellers are required to abide.

  • Unrealistic Expectations:
    As a SEO Reseller Provider, we Do Not set unreasonable expectations, promises we can’t keep, or timetables that are anything other than physically possible. In the SEO world, giving unrealistic expectations is currently the #1 complaint most End Clients express. As a result, this has created great issues of mistrust for those seeking SEO.

    ****All SEO Resellers are required to abide.

  • Targeted Traffic:
    As a SEO Reseller Provider, we do not create any form of “Doorways” or “Bridges” to produce higher results. We consult and recommend highly targeted keywords with the highest probability for conversion and traffic generation per the budget.

    ****All SEO Resellers are required to abide.

  • Law Violations:
    As a SEO Reseller Provider, we would never deliberately violate any laws, including but not limited to trademark, copyright, spamming, cloaking, black hat tactics, local online laws and any others that would be considered unethical or dishonest. We strictly obey the Google Webmaster guidelines and keep ourselves up to date accordingly.

    ****All SEO Resellers are required to abide.

  • Law Violations:
    As an SEO Reseller Provider, we would never claim another’s work to be our own. Our profile is open to the public and we encourage our SEO Resellers to educate themselves with our experience and knowledge when it comes to our Search Engine Optimization Techniques and other Marketing Strategies.

  • Confidentiality and Non-Compete:
    As a SEO Reseller Provider, all Resellers and End Clients information is considered confidential. Their anonymity is one of our highest responsibilities. Endless Rise will never attempt to contact any end client for direct business and additionally pledge to refuse business with any end client directly. Endless Rise is not open to the general public.