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The 30 Day Challenge!The 30 Day Challenge!

We have a 30 DAY challenge for you with an irresistible incentive! Close your first deal with us within 30 days and we will grant you 50% off your first ORDER*!

What are we offering to you to get you to re-engage with us? The world! Give us a chance and we will offer you the following to get started:

  • Client relations associate to walk you through everything
  • 50% off your first order! (of up to $500.00!)
  • Free Marketing Materials!

The 90 Day Challenge!The 90 Day Challenge!

If you exceed $1200.00 worth of service payments within your first 90 days we are going to give back to you $1200.00 worth of rewards! Sounds crazy and unreal but it is true! We want you to take the 90 day challenge and beat it! If you can beat the 90 day challenge we will be granted you the following rewards worth $1200.00:

  • Access to our Marketing Vault with $60,000.00 + worth of marketing materials!
  • 3 Months Free Access to our Pro Membership!
  • VIP Partner Website!

What are my next steps?

You have two options:

  • Login to the dashboard and put through your service orders immediately!
    • Do not remember your access? Click here to reset your password
  • Schedule an on-boarding meeting with client relations to walk you through how to work with us, our services and how to get started.
    • Click here to schedule a meeting with client relations

*50% off your first order incentive terms:

The 50% off can only be applied to an order of not more than $500.00. The discount can only be applied for one order therefore you cannot bundle different orders together.