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Bing Daily Deals is Now MSN Offers

Is Bing Biting the Daily Deal Dust?

Rebranding is good if done properly. Otherwise, it can ultimately destroy your brand. When Bing Deals got rebranded into MSN Offers last November 22nd, most subscribers caused a huge hullabaloo on the Web for weeks. Some people took to expressing their confusion through blogs—they either wrote them, or commented on blogs written by others—while others expressed their perplexity on social networks. Some just laughed it off and continued to patronize the service.

If you’re a Daily Deals Subscriber, you’ve probably seen this letter (which sparked the confusion) in your inbox:

Hey Bing Daily Deals Subscribers,

Thanks for signing up to get the best offers around–we hope you’re living it up and exploring all the awesome stuff in your city!

We wanted to give you a heads up that Bing Daily Deals will soon be re-named MSN Offers.

It’s the same great set of values in your local area, but we wanted to clear up confusion between the Daily Deals you receive via email and the Bing Deals feature which aggregates daily deals from hundreds of providers at Moreover, better aligning Daily Deals with MSN, where you can go to find the best things going on in your local area, seems to make good sense.
You don’t need to do or change a thing. You’ll still be getting the same great deals, with the same account information.

Thanks again for subscribing; we hope you enjoy the new experience.
Daily Deals Team

Bing: Living the Deals Behind. The Road to Offers

Now that all is well and people are slowly getting the hang of their favorite service’s name change, the next thing everyone should know about are the changes that accompany the new branding.

The rebranding was actually the result of an effort to clear up the confusion on Bing Deals’ real identity and purpose. Yes, everyone knows that it brings together e-commerce and retail information from many sources across the United States; but many users are still clueless about some of the services it offers. MSN Offers is meant to popularize and expose deals that were seldom in the spotlight before the rebranding. It focuses on getting local business deals around your city.
Again, confusion

Unfortunately, the very thing that was supposed to remedy the confusion simply made matters worse. The comments boxes of many tech blogs were bombarded by responses expressing perplexity over the recent rebranding. The fact that Microsoft uses three banner names—Microsoft, Bing, and MSN—doesn’t help matters any. Some say that Microsoft has to focus on one brand name to gain a focused audience. Some have commented that all Microsoft did was divide the attention of its target market.

It is apparent that Microsoft made a big boo-boo: For one thing, people continue to comment on MSN’s lack of appeal when it comes to branding. Most feel that Bing should be the sole brand carrier for the company because of its name, appeal, and popularity.



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