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Basic Link Building Tips using Facebook and Twitter

To Link or Not to Link: Doubting Facebook? Suspecting Twitter?

Even Darren Rowse was once a doubter of using social networking sites—especially Facebook— as a place for link building. Anyway, it was a long gone issue and he’s been one Facebook promoter guy after realizing he was wrong, after seeing how Facebook is one traffic and link building generator.

Well, doubting social networking sites is one pretty understandable thing. With all the hoax linked to all the social networking platforms (Twitter and Facebook in particular), the incessant changes and demise on their features, the undermining reputation and all, it’s pretty usual to encounter people who think of social networking sites as one dangerous place to launch a brand. Yet beyond all the things that tatters social networking site’s reputation is one simple truth: it is still effective and effectual when it comes to establishing online branding, getting customers, and founding a solid link network.

Liking Facebook, Following Twitter…and Linking, too!

Establish a Brand First
Straightforwardly speaking, building links in Facebook and Twitter requires time, and of course, preparation. We can’t just promote and scatter links upon creating our own accounts on these sites. Basically, we need to have a physical brand first. Choosing physical brand means deciding how we would want to look and appear in front of our audience. We do it by having a decent and professional profile about ourselves; it means having a good photo, a professionally written business details placed in your profile page. This is very important since most customers prefer to know their service providers first before giving their trust to them. Yet of course, we know that physical brand is only half of the “trust” equation, for real branding is reflected on how you use your social networking sites, on how you utilize it , on how you use it properly.

Better start with Facebook

If you aim to have a strong link building inside social networking sites, better start with Facebook. We are all aware that branding in Twitter is tad limited since it’s just a system that deals with short massaging and updating, a feature that is rather limited and narrow compared with what other sites like Facebook and Google+ are capable of. Therefore, if you want to create a brand, start it on Facebook, and then empower it with Twitter’s updating capacity.

Linking On Facebook

• Start searching and create a Fan Page
If you already have an established set of loyal customers and followers outside your social network accounts (the customers you obtain from your website and physical store), better start with them; search for them and invite them to be your first followers. Their trust, approval, and reliance on your business are good starting factors to commence a marketable Facebook account. If ever they are not yet on this site (which is a rare occurrence, for most people are on Facebook or have an account on any social networking site), encourage them to create their own account and be part of your network. Also, create a Fan Page of your business and use it as a special place to hold contest, to give away discounts and freebies, and to spread news and updates about your company.

• Blog it
Combine your blog feed to your Facebook Page to let you blog post be automatically posted and reflected on your Facebook site; this will increase your followers’ knowledge not only of your company and of everything you blog, whether it be news or your new products. In addition, don’t forget to use photos on your blog posts so that you can utilize Facebook’s thumbnail features. Having an image on posts increases appeal and captures attention.

• Practice “Word of Mouth”
You can also use your Facebook Update box to promote directly your trade. You can politely ask your followers to link your posts and updates on their own accounts as well. On the other hand, always remember to answer all your followers’ queries, comments, and suggestion; in other words, be active not only in promoting your business and asking for link exchange, but also in participating with whatever your followers are conducting. Doing such things attract new followers and even non-members that are outside your social network

Linking On Twitter

• Incorporate your Facebook and blog on your Twitter account
It will be good if all your Facebook friends and blog followers are also in your Twitter account. Having a linked social media accounts will strengthen your entire business strategy, especially your link building scheme.

Use plugins that will automatically tweet your blog post title of your new blog post or article. With this, use catchy blog headlines to make it appealing and attention grabbing so that your readers and followers will not stop following you. In addition, having a good blog and a strong social network promotion will help you be noticed outside your network and inside your followers’ network.

• Encourage people to retweet your tweets
Don’t just use your Twitter site to promote your own trade. Instead, use Twitter to provide helpful tips on your followers so that they will be encouraged to retweet your post on their own Twitter sites. More retweets from followers means more possible links to your Twitter site, and eventually, to your main business website.

• Use different Twitter applications to boost your Twitter account
Since technology is fast changing and developing, be keen on searching for new Twitter applications/plugins that can boosts your Twitter link building strategies. I, for example have been using Twittley for months to automatically tweet pages that I bookmarked, or if someone votes for a page I submitted. I’m using it because it’s a good way to boost online reputation. And havinga good online reputation attracts followers and customers.

• Utilize your blogs and Twitter; ask your followers to write for your blog
Your Twitter account is a good place to ask your followers to write for your blog. Having different writers on your blog network can mean a lot in expanding your link network, for these guest writers’ have own networks as well; thus, linking with them is your first step to link with their followers and readers.

• Be mindful of your followers’ tweets too
Well, if you treat your account as a thing intended only for your own promotion, don’t be surprised if you’ll lose a lot of followers. Like you, your twitter followers aren’t only tweeting for nothing; each of your followers has own reasons why they tweet. Always remember that the core reason in retaining your followers is by putting attention to what they are tweeting. Be involved in their tweets. This will also let you to get connected with their followers.



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