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Artistry in Your Social Media Strategy is Possible

Social Media is a Pop Work of Art

To incorporate artistry to business, they say, is ridiculous. In other words, bizarre, for they belong to different categories, two different worlds—they are poles apart. One is to beauty and aesthetics, the other, moneymaking and commerce. However, the truth is, they can be merged into one, canny reality. Especially in this modern time when everything seems correlated to each other. In simpler terms, we can be artistic while doing business; we can use the ideas that make one work become one complete art form, make it one saleable, pop work of art.

This time, we’ll fit in it to social media, for us to be remarkable, if not legendary, in this super popular platform. And we all know that becoming popular into this online place leads to wider business opportunities—audiences, consumers, clients, prospects, sales, name it.

First, believe in your works, honey
I know this sounds hackneyed, but this really is the first step. No painter, novelist, had gained public recognition without believing in his own works. As a business guy, you should believe in your business first. How can you start a promotion on the Web without you trusting your own service and products? How will you write delightful words about what you are selling if the seller himself is bored with his trade too? How can you persuade and influence people around you you’re not persuaded with the quality of
what you are about to sell?

The power of believing manifests during times of troubles and business hardships. Who cares if your sales are not as humongous as others have? Belief brings happiness, and happiness forces one to continue a failing trade, even if it’ll cost you time, money and ehmm…life.

Be open minded
They say artistry is the product of a process called “emancipation of mind, of human thoughts’. Alright. That would be deep to dig. Anyhow, that means opening yourself to possibilities, new ideas, changes, and anything that is outside your comfort zones and beliefs.

In social media, this can mean opening yourself to people outside your niche and network. Of course, you should put special attention to those who have special liking in your trade, but concentrating only to that is like closing your doors to wider and bigger opportunity. Some people will say, “Why would I talk to a car enthusiast if I’m a underarm deodorant manufacturer?” That sounds intellectual and reasonable, right? But car enthusiasts have underarms too, and they know hygiene as well.

On the Web, there’s a lot of writers who teach newbie social media people to focus only on those who belong in your niche, and doing such opens a magical doorway for those who didn’t know you. That is vague. If you want to get the approval of other people, then you have to present yourself to them. And doing such requires an open mind.

Social Media is Collective Art

You need other people too
Contrary to what others believe, not all artists are loners—yes, they aren’t introverts and selfish blokes. Picasso had Braque, Llosa once had Garcia-Marquez, McCartney had Lennon, Pitt has Jolie. Okay, you can delete the last example, they aren’t artists. Anyway, kidding aside, having a trusted friend who does the same thing as yours can push you to your limits, can teach you a lot of things, and can help you improve yourself as a seller.

Take a look at expert bloggers on the Web. They have this habit of mentioning their online friends on their posts, linking them, and sometimes telling professional (and even mundane) stories about them. With this, their readers think that a certain favorite blogger of theirs have friends too, and what he’s selling isn’t just an invented thing. Having truthful and respected businesses on your side can be a source of social proof and reputation that can strengthen your trade. Moreover, being alone can be a difficult move to anyone who will choose to. Aside from the fact that it’s a lonely thing to do, it obstructs one from being more productive, to be a better service provider to his customers. Also, having a business friend helps one to expand his network online, since his online networks/friends can be his own one too.

Let the outside world inspire you
Artists get inspirations from love, sex, tragedies, oppression—in other words, everything. As a businessperson, you should be like them too. Open your senses. Listen to what your social network friends are saying, read their replies, understand their ideas, consider their suggestions, and study their proposals. Ideas come from everywhere. You should no limit yourself from what is in your comforts zone. Go out and let the outside world inspire you.

Dreaming remains a mere dream if you don’t put it to real work
Okay. Well said. So what you have to do is to put it to real, continuous work.
And along this process called work are series of trials and errors. Right. The work is the learning process itself. Therefore, the improvement and success of your trade—whether it be online or physical—lie on the work itself. Dreaming of great and ambitious things is good, but putting it to real work is better, perhaps, the best.



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