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Article Writing and its Benefits to SEO and Resellers

Before Content Writing Content, There Message Shouting

In the ancient times, there was always a town crier consigned by the chieftain to deliver his message to their entire town. His only job was to scour the every crevice, cranny, and area of his town, shouting, so that everyone would know the tribe leader’s news. He was called the umalohokan, or literally, a shouting messenger.

But this was centuries before print became known to everyone. Even before the inception of The Corps of Queen’s Messengers, the official couriers employed by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, there was John Norman, King Richard III’s appointed messenger in 1485, and the first ever recorded messenger in the history of the world.

And why am I saying this? Am I trying to sound like a history expert here? Of course not. But this short visit to history will let us understand the importance of delivering a message in the context of, or by means of doing it through a different body or entity, or in other words, with the help of other channel.

Messengers of the past played a large part on the reputation and functions of their chiefs. And history had told enough about how a flawed messenger ruined their bosses’ lives.
Moreover, if you can spend more time in retracing your history, particularly art and advertising history, you’ll know that the concept of advertising was copied from the stem cells of early messengers.

And undoubtedly, article writing is no different from these messengers and olden forms of promotion.

On Article Writing and its function to SEO

Since SEO is a Web-operated industry, early Internet marketers thought of incorporating the early article marketing strategies done by early sellers on newspapers. They brought the idea of establishing a name through a paid by line on the Web. Just like how it was on printed newspapers, it was done on blogs and online publications.

In the presence of the Internet wonder called “links”, articles has been infused with words that are linked and directed into the company’s main website. And this is where advertising comes in. People will read the article, click these “linked words” strategically placed inside the paragraphs, then discover the company behind it.

Article marketing is unarguably the modern method of sending a message and promoting a trade.

Through the years, this method has been a hit. There is no soul on the Web world hasn’t tried article writing, for it was effective and effectual. Staple advertising strategy, it has become one, since refusing to include it in the strategy itself will mean a weak online promotion.

Nevertheless, everything that hits popularity suffers from being overused until it becomes over bruised and hackneyed. For a time, article writing became a way of spamming, since a lot of useless and irrelevant articles have been scattered on the Web with the help of crappy article submission websites.

Up to this date, there are still people who don’t rely with the articles available on the Web. Yet fortunately, there are still some who still do. And as SEO people, they are our target.

Why Article Writing is Still Good for SEO

Perhaps you’re wondering as you read this sub headline. If you are doing SEO for decades and centuries, maybe you are laughing right now. But this isn’t placed here just to perform a banal joke; it is deliberately written here, both for newbies and oldies like us, for many of us tend to ignore the essence of article writing to search engine optimization.

• It can mould and shape your online reputation

An online article can only be spammy and useless if it is poorly written and wrongly conveyed. And this is what happened to lots of nonsense articles on the Web. They were written just for the sake of carrying keyword, a by-line, and promotional words.

On the contrary, when articles are written beyond the idea of promotion, and when it is written to help people and to aid their problems through White Label SEO, then it can give your company a boost of reputation. For example, you’re a pharmaceutical company with a journalistic, and well-researched, “how-to” article on the Web. Then one ill human surfer (e.g. he has an oral herpes) reads your article, follows your instructions on how to cure it, and then wakes up without any traces of soar marks on his mouth, there’s a big tendency that he’ll keep on reading all your articles on the Web. Surely, he’ll promote it on his social media sites saying that “this one helped me bigtime”. And everyone in his network, as well as those who share his link on their networks we’ll know how great you are as a company. Isn’t it a good online reputation booster, brother?

• It can convert people to traffic, traffic to sales, and sales to regular customers

Aside from having a good online reputation, people who will read your painstakingly written articles will be enticed to know who’s behind it; perceptibly, they’ll click on the links—bylines and anchored keywords—and be directed to your site. From a simple online reader, they become a part of your site traffic, eventually they’ll buy your products and services, and finally will be converted into regular and loyal customers.

• It generate backlinks to your site

For a professional SEO reseller, with a relevant and beautifully written article, you don’t have to knock on other bigger site’s door and beg to be linked with them, because it will go the other way around. Other sites will adopt your articles; probably they will link it on their own articles, making you a reference, as if your article is the most important one in your niche.

• It’s a way to seduce both online readers and search engines

But article writing isn’t just about human readers. We all know that search engines love well-written articles with rich keywords in it. Also, now that Panda is all over the news, being original and unique is plus points for you to get noticed by Google.

• It is your website and blog’s extension outside your alcove

With your articles, the days of being powerless outside your website are over. These articles are your messengers outside your main company website and blog, your potent advertisers beyond your niche.



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